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“I have been looking for a car place for over 5 years. Never been able to find a place I trust to not just try to sell me extra stuff. I had a phenomenal experience. This will be my car shop going froward. ”

Alison Mitro

Jul 26, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“My Jeep had a broken off wheel stud. It was repaired / replaced in less than an hour. They will get my return business. Thanks for your time..”

Ross P

Jul 25, 2020 – Northwood, OH

“Great customer service! I really like this shop! I usually feel like auto shops try and sell me on things that are expensive and unnecessary, but I have never felt pressured to get further service to my vehicle.”

Susan Philo

Jul 24, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I've came here a few times for issues with the exhaust on my car and each time they are pretty quick to get the job done. Chris has been very reasonable about keeping up to date on the status of my car while it's in the shop and letting me know when it's done so I'm not making multiple trips!! Finished product was well done and runs like new again!!”

Ernest Sampson

Jul 23, 2020 – Rossford, OH

“The guy at the front desk was very pleasant and nice It was a great experience.”

Erica Van hooser

Jul 23, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“The guy at the front desk was very pleasant and nice It was a great experience.”

Erica Van hooser

Jul 23, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I always go to Tuffy in Perrysburg for my auto services. Chris is great and super professional. They always explain everything done and any future need required to keep my car reliable for me. ”

Jackie Mistiatis

Jul 21, 2020 – Maumee , OH

“We take our vehicles to Tuffy. We have referred Tuffy, Perrysburg location, to others who need vehicle repairs. Keep up the great work! Miller’s ”

C Miller

Jul 21, 2020 – Luckey, OH

“workers are very professional”

Jose Materan

Jul 19, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“The guys at this Perrysburg Tuffy location are wonderful! They diligently worked on my car as a team to figure out why it was vibrating. They put all of their brains together to fix the problem even though it may have been frustrating. My car rides smoothly now. It no longer shakes, rattles, or vibrates. 😃 Thank you for all of your hard work. ”

Darla Pawlaczyk

Jul 18, 2020 – Holland, OH

“We don't take our vehicles anywhere else! The service and staff are excellent and very thorough and efficient!”

Kyla W

Jul 16, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“Vehiche service and customer service by all was excellent. ”

Michael Doyle

Jul 15, 2020 – Walbridge, OH

“I have been taking my vehicles to Tuffy, Perrysburg for years. Chris and his staff have always been very honest, reliable, professional, and friendly. I’m moving out of town and dread having to find a new auto repair shop because no one can compare to Chris’s shop. ”

Cathy Stiles

Jul 09, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“Chris and his team always provide stellar service. They always explain what they're doing. I would highly recommend this team! ”

Samantha Delwiche

Jul 08, 2020 – Rossford, OH

“These guys are simply the best. Competent and cordial, they will get you the services you need now, but also advise on what’s needed soon without the hard upsell you’ll find at most places. I’ve trusted Chris Gentle and his team with all of my routine maintenance for a number of years - and that routine maintenance has meant I’ve not needed any major repairs on any vehicle for more than 500,000 miles. These guys are great at what they do and thoroughly trustworthy.”

Robert Seaney

Jul 03, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“Called & gotq in for a last min oil chg the same afternoon. ”

Robin Scheff

Jul 03, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“Emailed in for a brake inspection early in the week and they got me in after work and before the holiday weekend. Car feels great now!”

Trevor Scott

Jul 03, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I have had many cars worked on at this location. Their service is second to none. I do think they are a bit pricey, but I will continue to go there. It’s a trust thing!😊”

Sara Fulmer

Jul 03, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“I had my oil changed there then returned for some clips replaced on my splash guard under my bumper and again fast courtesy service. The Manager Chris was great at making me feel comfortable and confident in the shop's ability. Definitely a return customer.”

Charlie Thomas

Jul 01, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I trust these guys with my daughter’s car. Great integrity. ”

Ryan Hetrick

Jul 01, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“Stopped in last minute to get oil change prompt courtesy and very welcome will be back.”

Charlie Thomas

Jul 01, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“Always able to accommodate me when I need an oil change. Chris is very kind. I have been getting my oil changes done here for years now. Ruth H Perrysburg ”

Ruth Houghton

Jun 30, 2020 – PERRYSBURG, OH

“The crew in Perrysburg are very good at keeping my car in great condition. Friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, the perfect combination for a serious profession.”

Charlie Dorn

Jun 28, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I stopped in last minute to see if I could get an oil change. They were able to squeeze me in quick and everything was great. Staff was very professional. ”

Amy Lamge

Jun 24, 2020 – Waterville, OH

“Chris and the rest of the gentleman are very professional. They know what is best for my vehicle. Thanks to them, they do their best to keep it running. ”

Darla Pawlaczyk

Jun 19, 2020 – Holland, OH

“So thankful for Chris and the staff for their amazing service, response time and honesty! ”

Erin MacAllister

Jun 17, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“Service is outstanding. Very trustworthy, accommodating, and friendly staff. If anyone is looking for a place to have service done on their vehicle, this is the place to go!!!!”

Debra Fox

May 06, 2020 – Walbridge, OH

“Chris was very helpful in getting my car started after leaving the lights on and draining the battery. Will definitely be my go to when needing auto were done.”

Jean T

Apr 21, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“I will never go to any other car shop. I always get my oil changes done here and the service is always quick, friendly, and professional! Chris is fantastic. They always answer any questions I have. I would recommend tuffy's to all my friends and family ”

Courtney W

Apr 08, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“This is the only place I take my vehicles for service. Chris and Bill are very honest and I trust them with whatever my cars need.”

Ray W

Mar 13, 2020 – Perrysburg, OH

“Accommodating and well priced. Had my 5 yr old with me and she had plenty to keep her busy there and the owner was very friendly. ”

Jessica L

Feb 06, 2020 – Perrysburg , OH

“The guys at Tuffy/Perrysburg are honest, friendly, and do great work. I have been the a few times and they provided great service.”

Jerry N

Mar 16, 2019 – Perrysburg, OH

“Great place for anything your vehicle needs! Very friendly and very knowledgeable on vehicles. Chris is very friendly and always makes time for the customer! ”

Kevin J

Aug 28, 2018 – Toledo, OH

“Chris and the folks at Tuffy do a great job keeping all of my vehicles running and in great mechanical condition. They provide specific price quotes before the work is begun, and have always completed the job within the time estimates provided. A very reputable auto repair shop.”

Drew G

Jan 08, 2018 – Perrysburg, OH

“I like having my car repairs done at tuffy. They are always very friendly and get the repairs done quickly. I think their prices are reasonable. I will continue to have repairs at this Tuffy location.”

Abigail B

Oct 19, 2017 – Perrysburg, OH

“A few years back, I had been looking for a repair shop that I could trust, that would be honest with me and I found very good reviews for this particular Tuffy location. I take both of my vehicles to this location and have always been treated like a customer that matters. The team at Tuffy are always honest with me and never look to sell me anything that is not needed. These guys go way above and beyond in customer satisfaction, which is why I continue to recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks so much Chris, you're the best!”

Nicholas W

Oct 17, 2017 – Perrysburg, OH

“Very excellent service! I always bring my car here. They are very fast and professional. They always explain anything needed without being pushy. I trust they are giving quality service! ”

Jackie T

Aug 16, 2017 – Maumee, OH

“So I was getting on the turnpike from Akron heading west towards Perrysburg. I noticed my brakes acting up causing my wheel to shake. I carefully drove out to Perrysburg. As soon as I got there I took it to Tuffy at about 1p.m. They close on at 4 p.m. on Saturdays but they stayed open till almost 5 to finish up my car because I had to return back east in the morning. Great service! ”

David B

Aug 05, 2017 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“Excellent,, quick service! The workers are very friendly and they are honest in letting you know what you need or don't need. ”

Cindy M

Aug 03, 2017 – Chaney, OH

“Whenever I need service on my car I think of Tuffy first. They are prompt, courteous and considerate to customers. Pricing is competitive. Highly recommend them. They replaced my exhaust system, rear brakes, etc. ”

stan z

Aug 02, 2017 – perrysburg, OH

“I have been taking my car to this location for several years and have always been happy with the service. It is a clean and friendly environment. They are really helpful and professional. ”

Linda. L

Jul 19, 2017 – Perrysburg, OH

“I have been taking my care to this location for several years and have always been happy with the service. It is a clean and friendly environment. They are really helpful and professional. ”

Linda. L

Jul 19, 2017 – Perrysburg, OH

“The owner (Chris) was very friendly and helpful when I walked in, being a young girl I'm already intimated going into a auto repair shop, but they made me feel very welcomed! When I went to pick my car up (I believe his name is Mark) went into detail with what they did to my car and he even showed me how to check my oil and add more to it and installed new windshield wipers! I'll defiantly be coming back! ”

Bri R

Jul 18, 2017 – Rossford, OH

“Chris and his staff were fantastic when we were towed to his shop after a breakdown on the Turnpike. Multiple problems were addressed professionally, effectively and in a timely manner, allowing us to return our SUV safely back to the Baltimore area. Our personal thanks to all at Tuffy.”

Bob M

Dec 01, 2016 – Fallston, OH

“I've been at Tuffy's Auto Service many times for different issues. They've always treated me well, friendly and are great mechanics! Thus far, I haven't been charged "an arm and a leg" for anything. I would recommend this company to everyone. They are up front with you and get the job done. Thanks. Sheilah B ”

Sheilah B

Nov 27, 2015 – Perrysburg, OH

“Chris and the guys at the Perrysburg OH Tuffy were wonderful. They got my car in and ran the diagnostics the same day that I called. Then my car was ready less than 24 hours later. (ANd I have a vehicle that is hard to get parts for.) They not only gave me great service on my car, but someone gave me a ride home from the shop and came to pick me up when the car was ready as I did not have a ride. I highly recommend them and would definitely go back if/when needed.”

Jenny V

Nov 21, 2015 – Perrysburg, OH

“I will certainly be returning to this Tuffy Auto Care! Chris and his very knowledgeable mechanics will take care of the problem! I would highly recommend this place to friends and family!! Keep up the Great work...”

Kevin E

Oct 02, 2015 – Toledo, OH

“I won't go anywhere else. I really trust Chris and his staff. They have always been very honest and fair with me, and have gone above and beyond great service.”

Stephanie W

Apr 13, 2015 – Perrysburg, OH

“We come to Tuffy in Perrysburg for all our car needs and they always do a terrific job. We would recommend them to everyone that is close by to go there.”

Cindy G

Sep 11, 2014 – Rossford, OH

“I find the people at Tuffy very helpful and gracious group.”

George J

Jul 29, 2014 – Walbridge, OH

“Chris runs an amazing service center that conveniently located off of 75, just a couple of miles south the Ohio Turnpike. The techs are good and can fix just about anything. The coffee is fresh! Bring your laptop with you, because they have wireless! Thank You!!”

Tom J

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH

“I had a leak that needed fixed. it didn't turn out to be anything. they did not charge me. I recommend them to anyone.”

Dan S

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH

“I just want to express my gratitude to Chris and Bill at Tuffy Auto in Perrysberg. Not only did they stay open for an additional 4 hours to ensure I was safe to get back on the road to continue my 6 hour drive, but they gave me exceptional service as well! I cannot thank them enough for helping me out while I was stranded on the Turnpike. They gave me a warm place to rest and some good company while waiting to have my car serviced. If you're looking to have a place to take your vehicle for great serive and a fantastic staff , I highly recommend you see these guys!”

Alex T

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH

“The people at the Tuffy Auto Service in Perrysburg are wonderful. They are the nicest, most honest people you will ever meet. They can fix anything. We refer all of our family and friends there. They do everything. We have had them replace an engine in one car a transmission in the other car. They have fixed things that other shops including the dealership couldnt. Keep up the great work fellas !!!!”

Rob M

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH

“I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle, and for the last several years, I've had numerous problems with the engine revving up and stalling at low speeds in hot weather. Unfortunately, the problem does not produce any meaningful error codes for the mechanics to use for diagnosis; therefore, the dealer repair shop and local repair shop I'd been using were unable to figure out the problem. I gave up and made sure to keep extra distance between my car and the cars around me when slowing to a stop or parking. Yesterday, my vehicle wouldn't start, and I was forced get it repaired. After my previous experiences with other repair shops, I decided I'd find a new repair shop when I needed any repairs, but I dreaded trying to find a new mechanic. I started with a yelp search that was not very helpful. I read a little online about how to find a good mechanic, and I stumbled upon the ASE's Blue Seal. I found that in the Perrysburg area, there are only 2 repair shops with an ASE Blue Seal. Being a little skeptical, I investigated to see if the ASE Blue Seal was just an expensive rubber stamp; I decided that wasn't the case because ASE certification is widely respected and the annual fee for a Blue Seal is only $65 (the first year fee is $235).Tuffy's website offers "free towing for some repairs". Vague offers like that make me leery, but when I called, Chris explained that they discount the towing fee, which is usually $65, by $15 for every $100 in repairs. That seemed reasonable to me.Diagnosing the problem took them 2 hours at $85/hour. Although replacing the alternator for about $400 including labor got my vehicle working, Chris gave me printouts detailing software updates for addressing the problems, so I could take the printouts to the dealership to get my engine's computer updated. Chris also explained that for $90, he could fix my hot-weather revving and stalling problem by cleaning the throttle body; however, the dealer has issued a recall allowing me to get that repair for free. Given that I've spent much more than $170 on repairs that didn't work, the diagnosis charge seemed reasonable to me, and the alternator replacement charge was simular to what I've paid for replacing the alternator on other vehicles.In conclusion, my experience with Tuffy in Perrysburg was one of my best experiences with mechanics. 2012-12-18 ”

Charles David M

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH

“ i had an alignment done and it wasnt quite right. i.e. steering wheel was still crooked. so i took it back the very same day at end of business and they got me right in to fix it the next morning.”

Devin B

Jul 01, 2014 – Perrysburg, OH